**International Space Station**
*A fun, space-themed Discord bot!*
So what exactly is this bot? ==================== International Space Station is a fun Discord bot for those interested in space. It has multiple functions, such as being able to look up when the ISS is next visible at your location, looking up where the ISS is right now, looking up the weather on Mars, seeing NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day, and viewing details about space agency launches. Interesting. How do I get it? ===================== Click [this Discord OAuth2 link](https://discord.com/oauth2/authorize?client_id=470662350467497984&scope=bot&permissions=19456) to add the bot to any server you have moderator/admin permissions on. What commands does it have? ===================== | Command | Arguments | Use | ------------- |:-------------:|:-------: | iss.search | required: location | Searches for the next time the ISS will be visible from a certain location. | iss.now | none | Shows the ISS's current coordinates and a map showing where the ISS is over. | iss.camera | none | Displays a current, still image from the ISS HDEV livestream. | iss.invite | none | Get an invite (oauth2) link for the bot, so you can add it to your own guild. | iss.about | none | View some basic information about the bot. | iss.apod | none | View NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day. | iss.marsweather|required: none, optional: date | View the weather on Mars as observed by the Curiosity rover. | iss.weather | required: location | Get the earth weather for a particular location. | iss.coords | required: coordinates (i.e. `38.946413 -105.288883`), optional: zoom level (1-9) | View a set of earth coordinates on a map. | iss.spacex|required: none, optional: flight number, date, mission name|View details about past SpaceX launches. Can I see the source code? ====================== [Sure, the GitHub repository is here.](https://github.com/January/international-space-station) Is there a support server? ======================= [Yes, here's the invite.](https://discord.gg/prUgZzT) Copyright ======================= Copyright (c) 2017-2020 Drew Fink. This bot is copyrighted under the MIT License.